Friday, January 18, 2008

The French Stall, Singapore

Steam Rolled Dory Fillet with Garlic Scented Mashed Potatoes

This place has always held a bit of a novelty factor for me (544 Serangoon Road, 6299-3544), so it was good to see that they were still around after all of these years. On the premise that French food doesn't need to be pretentious nor expensive, this guy sells his food in a local open-air kopitiam. For instance, my French onion soup ran for S$4.80 (US$3.20) while my escargot ran for S$8.80 (US$5.90). The fish above was a simple S$12.80 (US$8.50).

Granted, at those prices, the cheese was not baked onto the soup, nor were the snails presented in any shells or containers, but the objective was achieved: basic food at affordable prices. The fish that I got was surprisingly tender and fresh, even if that olive oil and garlic combination did start to get a bit tiresome after having seen it on the escargot earlier. Then again, I really don't know much about French food anyway, so who am I to judge?

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Anonymous said...

I'm French and this food is not French !