Friday, December 14, 2007

Via Veneto Restaurant, Clarke Quay

Ravioloni Crema e Funghi

It may look like a goopy mess in the photo, but our great experience with this ravioloni was responsible for bringing us back here (Block 3E River Valley Road #01-06, 6334-1983). It was super rich thanks to all of the cheese, and super fragrant thanks to all of the mushrooms. The other pastas on the menu seemed fine (fresh, firm, and tasty too), but it was really this dish that was the draw for us. Just beware of the dry chili pepper flakes; they are so spicy that the restaurant puts a warning label on the shaker.


Richard said...

Thanks this is a great Blog.
I would like to ask you a question about Seafood concepts and if you can recommend something I'm looking for that you migh have experienced, like a Modern Take on a Thai Seafood Market concept.
Is there any way I can contact you in person?
Best Richard Hong Kong

catherine said...

I don't see HK in your Asia travel meals. Would love to see a few approved places as that's my origin. Didn't think there is another person will plan around a good restaurant, especially the hole in the wall stand in line for 2 hrs type of place like me. =) I'm in NY, too bad you don't venture to this side of town.