Tuesday, November 13, 2007

A Shrink Wrapped Instant Egg

Instant Egg

This stuff is hilarious. There's tons of instant noodles that one can buy at 7-Eleven. So why not buy an instant hard-boiled egg to throw in there too? In the need of some post-drinking grub to coat the stomach tonight, I threw this into my bowl of instant noodles, hoping that it would taste good after keeping it fully submerged and heated in the boiling MSG-laden broth.

I was wrong...this thing was totally nasty. The egg white was tough and leathery while the yolk was dry enough to be powder. Ugh...there's just no substitute for the real thing. P.S. Be careful when opening these little packets too...if you're not careful, the thing will pop right out and bounce right onto the floor like my first one did. (cue: Homer Simpson)


Sung Sook said...

They sell those in Korea too. They're not regular boiled eggs, they're smoked, which is why they have the funny texture and flavor.

mama bok said...

Eeeewwkk..!! that's awful..! i had one of these in taiwan.. and they were just as awful..!

clarisse said...

yup, sung sook is right!

usually they do it with quail eggs, so the taste is more concentrated and is really more like a chewy gumball than a hulking mass of chicken egg.

£oUisÄNã said...

Jeez, that looks really nasty.