Sunday, November 25, 2007

Dum Briyani from Yakader, Tekka Market

Dum Briyani

I don't think this was that Allauddin place that everyone was raving about before, but there sure was a long line here (Tekka Market #01-324). And I absolutely loved it. The mutton was tender enough to fall off the bone, but more importantly, the rice was so moist and rich (without being excessive on the exotic spices) that one didn't even need the still pleasantly tasty curry on the side. I wolfed this thing down in seconds. Gotta love how he scoops out wads of rice from that huge vat too.

Grabbing rice out of the big vatDelicious. Granted, it has been a very long time since I'd had any dum biryani, so my perception might be a bit distorted. But I haven't had such a heartily satisfying meal in such a long time that I really needed this. Just don't come here expecting any ambience.


Anonymous said...

Was it ex..?

HairyBerry said...

lovely colours! i'm sure it was a hearty meal...never had rice in tekka market before..perhaps the time is here!

rahul. said...

Famous Islamic Restaurant
795/796 North Bridge Rd
Opening Hours: 10am-10pm

the BEST dum briyani in singapore, no doubt. go try it out. this place is an istitution mate.

irishblue said...

any idea where they are now?
can't seem to locate them at the tekka temporary market along racecourse road.

Anonymous said...

is this stall next to a prata stall? behind alauddin. i love the briyani! where have they gone to.. =(

coolrider said...

Yes, it is behind Alauddin and have recommended it to so many of my frens and never regretted it. All who tried were satisfied and kept returning for more. One of the best in Singapore I could say.