Monday, June 04, 2007

Deli Moroccan, Bussorah Street

Koofta Tagin and Moroccan TeaAfter an aborted attempt at hitting up a new Persian place called Ferdosi tonight (they were running some private party or something), I made my way over to this Moroccan place around the block (30 Bussorah Street) instead. It was a pretty beat-up little shop with slimy laminated menus and ketchup bottles that didn't really inspire too much confidence, but I went ahead and ordered a quintessential kefta tagine and Moroccan tea. After quite a long wait (it was really a little mom and pop shop after all), my food finally arrived.

And wow - this turned out to be a pleasant surprise. The perfect degree of sweetness in the first little sip of the mint tea instantly brought back memories of Morocco and a big sigh of relief. Indeed, the tagine featured a light yet tangy tomatoey taste (and it actually arrived in a proper tagine here!), allowing me to gobble this up in seconds. Sure, the bread was a bit odd in that was more like a plain dinner roll rather than the flying-saucer-shaped kind that I remembered from Morocco, but that didn't matter in the end. This was one of the better Moroccan experiences that I've had in Singapore thus far, and the best thing about it was that it was dirt cheap too, with just S$5.50 (US$3.60) for the tagine. I'm definitely coming back here. And yes, I hope that the aforementioned Persian place (which is at 34 Arab Street, not 43 Arab Street, by the way) is open next time I'm out this way too.

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Sonicstarburst said...


Love your blog! Glad you discovered the Deli Moroccan! It's one of my absolute favs. The cheap and great food is worth the wait. Did you try the bread? Though I think it comes from a commercial baker, it's the kind of old-school bun from an old Chinese bakery.

Happy eating!