Wednesday, February 15, 2006

Marrakesh Moroccan Lounge & Bar

From left: Tagine Koft Tamaghdour and Labneh

Harry's appears to be expanding. It opened Marrakesh (#01-01 Block 3D at Clarke Quay, 6338-7331) a couple months ago, despite the fact that the renovations at Clarke Quay are incomplete, thus tucking the bar away into an obscure corner of the area that is in fact a bit hard to find at the moment. But once you find it, you'll see a really nicely decorated place and an impressive lounge environment. It's more of a bar than a restaurant; in fact, the menu positions everything as bar snacks, but I still wanted to give it a try. Apparently they even hired a Moroccan chef.

I went ahead and grabbed the tagine koft kamaghdour to give it a shot. Disappointingly, the tagine was not served in the eponymous tagine pottery; rather, it was served in slices on a plate. At least it was pretty tasty, although it still wasn't quite what I had in the real city of Marrakech. And they had labneh here, which I understand is more of a Lebanese thing rather than Moroccan, but it was still pretty good and fresh, even if it seemed a bit thin (and with slightly stale bread).

Will I come back? Well, for drinks, this is a pretty cool and cushy place, and I guess I wouldn't mind the "bar snacks" while I'm there. But for a real meal, I'll probably wait a bit; they said they would consider starting up some lunch options after this section of Clarke Quay opens at the end of the month. While it's not quite what I had in Morocco, the food was by and large still good enough that I can't exactly call this a bad meal.

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