Friday, May 25, 2007

Streeters, Keong Saik Road

PaellaStreeters is a little Spanish place peculiarly tucked away near Chinatown (35 Keong Saik Road, 6221-1997) that has been mentioned in a couple of comments before. We came here tonight to check out some of their tapas, starting with the gambas al ajillo. It came out with four shockingly oversized prawns sitting on a bed of lettuce rather than the tiny shrimp sitting in a little pool of oil that I was expecting, but surprisingly, it tasted better than it looked.

And that was pretty much the same story with the rest of the items here, such as the paella, which featured mildly boring sausages but still had enough crispy rice at the bottom for me to like it. I was baffled; as much as I was compelled to take issue with the way the food was done, I really couldn't complain, because I actually did like the taste in the end. But, alas, it still didn't give me enough inspiration to want to come rushing back. I'm glad that I tried it though, so thanks for the reminder!

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donaldck said...

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