Tuesday, May 01, 2007

An Indian Breakfast on Jet Airways

Breakfast on Jet Airways

Here was the Indian selection on this morning's Jet Airways flight to Delhi. I'm not sure what these were called, but they were basically little idli-sized pancakes made from noodles instead. I liked it a lot; it went very well with the tasty curry on the side.

A thin salty yogurt-based drink that was much thinner than lassiI was pretty impressed with Jet Airways too. The cabin crew was very engaging and attentive, and they continuously offered us drinks from start to finish, including a thin salty yogurt-based drink that was much thinner than lassi. Again, I don't know what the name of this drink was, but it reminded me a lot of Persian dough, except it was more salty than sour, and used more cilantro than mint. It was a nice welcome change from the usual orange juice, apple juice, or water selection.

Any gripes? Sure, legroom was very tight in economy class, such that it was hard to even read a magazine at a proper distance, let alone open up a laptop. I heard that Kingfisher Airlines is arguably even better than Jet Airways, so I also hope to try them one of these days, even if Jet came across as surprisingly classy (notice the proper napkin and utensils provided in that food tray). Reminder to self: don't forget that these domestic flights require you to attach a stamped Cabin Baggage tag to your carry-ons, which was something that I was not aware of until I was forced to go back to the security counter later.


Anonymous said...

It's buttermilk, from what I was told when i drink it. They put some black seeds inside sometimes. It's has this refreshing, cooling effect on me.

Anonymous said...

hey, i think the little idle sized pancakes are called "Putu Mayam"

Anonymous said...

Also known as 'string hoppers'. quite commonly found in malaysia. can be eaten savoury (with curry) or sweet (with coconut grating and sugar).

hugewhaleshark said...

Flew with them from Delhi to Mumbai just the other day and they even had a touch-screen VOD entertainment system. Now that is one up even on SIA!

...sh!!! said...

The drink is known as buttermilk. It is made by adding more water to yogurt and bledn it well.it is very light and with no FAT. We add salt and asafodita to add flavour. Some also add Green chilli,Ginger & bay leaves. It is a common drink i southern part of India as it keeps one cool during summer days.

The string hopper is known as "Edi appam" and is made of rice flour.

Jet Airways now has lot of new aircrafts which has more leg room and also comes with interactive TV.

I love travelling by Jet as they ae on time always, good hospitality and fantstic service. Givena choice I always prefer Jet over Kingfisher.

Unknown said...

Jet airways domestic flight food is really good. But its not the same in International flight. Our Chennai-Brussels-New York flight food was horrible. It was just like Luftansa or Delta airways. Nothing special. Breakfast was continental not Indian. When we boooked Jet we expected some good food for a change. Why cant they give good Indian food!!!

Anonymous said...

quite decent blog , its nice to know the varieties of eating habits in different countries.

Pabby said...

I was a die-hard Jet fan, even moving upto Gold tier with them, which was then the highest they had. But, when KFA came along, I switched to them, but now I am disappointed that KFA runs the old Air Deccan ATR planes on short haul. Their Kingfisher Red service sucks and I am now traveling more by Jet again than before. I kinda hate the smaller planes.