Monday, April 30, 2007

Bombay Post, Airport Road, Bangalore

Seekh Kebab

Nice one. I was brought to this place (Carlton Towers, 1 Airport Road, 80-41113939) by a client, who told me that it was known for its grilled meat and North Indian food. Indeed, an encouraging aroma emanated from the grill right when we entered the dining room. The waiter recommended the prawns and the pomfret, which I absolutely loved. In stark contrast to the disappointingly boring lunch that I had today, these were covered in some extra sour and spicy stuff that really got me going. The meat of course was tender and fresh, and I easily wolfed this all down.

This was then followed by another nice surprise: the seekh kebab. This was grilled just as it should be at first, but then these guys took on a really interesting tack afterwards by shoving cheese (or something) into the middle and then deep frying the whole thing, creating an extra crispy skin with a little extra oomph inside. Great - this place didn't cease to impress, even if the butter chicken-like curry was a bit too tomato-ey for my taste.

BTW, here are a few interesting things that I learned about Indian restaurants today. First off, people don't really start dinner until 9 PM or so (reminds me of Spain), so the lack of a crowd when we arrived at 7 PM was completely replaced by a full crowd by the time we left two hours later. Secondly, the word "official" apparently means "business" in India (as opposed to "personal"), so this was considered to be an "official dinner." Finally, they had a selection of three different Indian mints, one of which was some chunky red thing that ended up tasting a bit like laundry detergent. I'll probably stick to those sugar-coated fennel seeds instead.

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hugewhaleshark said...

Ahhh, gotta love eating in India. I can never resist overstuffing myself on trips there...