Sunday, April 29, 2007

SQ Econ Class Indian Vegetarian to Bangalore

SQ's Indian Vegetarian Meal

Indian meals usually need to be pre-ordered on airlines, but of course on flights to India, they become standard fare. SQ featured a choice of a vegetarian, non-vegetarian, and a Western dish in economy class tonight, so I opted for the vegetarian version. It was a bit of a mixed bag. The chickpeas were supposed to be in some tamarind sauce but it was hardly sour at all. The okra and spinach dumplings were fine, albeit a bit on the mild side (and the yogurt was just plain yogurt rather than raita), but thankfully they provided some pickles that added a bit of heat to the mix.

Muruku with green peasThe dessert did have a heavy dose of saffron in it though, and it was cool to see not only some miniature papadams the size of Tostitos, but also some "After Mints" that pleasantly turned out to be some of those sugared up fennel seeds. It was also interesting to see that even the standard issue peanuts were replaced with an Indian snack here instead.


Kathy said...

This is totally unrelated to the food -- at Bangalore airport, did you see mosquitos the size of pre-historic bugs?

Your pictures are very taken these days, do you still use a handphone camera?

bma said...

Indeed, there were winged insects in abundance.

And yes, I'm still using my N80, which does a great job with well-lit, inanimate objects. But once the lighting goes sour, it really struggles. I had a difficult time shooting that SQ tray too given the turbulence we went through. It took a number of shots before finally arriving at a half-usable one.