Monday, January 01, 2007

Onion Uttappam at Komala Vilas Singapore

Onion Uttappam

Here is the onion uttappam from the original Komala Vilas (76 - 78 Serangoon Road, 6293-6980)...not to be confused with the fast food offshoot. This was a new one to's a batter-based pancake-like thing, but with onions and chili pepper slices, thus kinda making it like a pizza. Not bad for an afternoon snack.


Farasha said...

Did you know that uttappam, dosa, and idli are all made from the same batter? It is only a mixture of soaked, ground rice and soaked skinless black dal (which when skinned is white).
I'm American, but my husband is from Andhra Pradesh- still in South India. They eat these dishes for breakfast or for snacks... but since they are easily digested, they aren't considered a heavy meal (hence, you were correct to say "snack").
I still prefer the food at Saravana Bhavan because it is very authentic. I first went to Saravana Bhavan in Madras where you go to a different floor level to eat different foods (eg third floor for idlis and dosas served on real banana leaves, A/C room for "finer dining")


grace said...

did u try the bhattura? not too sure abt the spelling. it's the bloated one. pretty nice too!

anyway, nice blog. i love the food.