Tuesday, January 30, 2007

Foo Kee Famous Deepfried Tou Fu & Tau Pok

Fishmeat Tau Pok plus other stuff like Ngoh Hiang and Wontons

Hey this was pretty cool. As you can see from the photo, these guys (Zion Riverside Food Centre Stall 7) specialize in all sorts of deep fried stuff. But unlike Old Chang Kee, this pre-fried stuff goes from room temperature back into the vat of hot oil after you select your pieces, presumably as a means to heat it back up and make it crispy again (talk about a double heart attack!). It worked quite well, as they still came across as rather light (relatively speaking of course) and crunchy for dipping into the chili sauce. Best of all, they had some little round cheese things that looked like tofu at first, but instead had some kind of cheese worked into it. As Borat says, "Very nice!"

Kway ChapSeparately, there was a neighboring stall selling kway chap, and if I remember correctly, it was actually called Boon Tong Kee (but is it related to the famous chicken rice guys?). I liked this one better than that Garden Street place as it had a much more pronounced taste combined with solid sheets of those flat rice noodles. "High-five!" (OK, no more Borat references after this.)

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