Thursday, December 14, 2006

A United Economy Plus Omelette

Cheese and Herb Omelette

Big surprise: it's another United omelette (specifically a "cheese and herb omelette")...but in economy class this time. The first bite of this was good, but as I moved into the center, it was really runny and watery, which was a bit of a put off. At least it provided a break from those heavy business class versions.

And yes, my upgrade request was refused today on this oversold flight. They did put me in the so-called Economy Plus section, but all that meant was just a tad more seat pitch with the same old uncomfortable and cramped seat (we're definitely not talking about SQ's Executive Economy class with wider seats and a leg rest here). The good thing though is that it looks like they have put seatback screens in their 777 economy class (instead of that old school central movie screen that their old 747's have). But there is also a big box underneath the seats, thus blocking most of my legroom such that it's hard to contort yourself into a half bearable sleeping position here (if I'm not mistaken, that box is ironically the hardware powering that entertainment system). People bumping into your shoulder as they walk down the aisle doesn't help create a solid period of rest either.

Well, for a relatively short hop to Japan, this will not make a huge difference. But I'm also still waitlisted for the upgrade on the next leg for the painful longhaul to the States. Lets hope my luck takes a turn for the better.

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