Tuesday, December 26, 2006

Men-Tei, Robinson Centre

Tonkotsu Ramen

These guys (61 Robinson Road #01-01, 6438-4140) opened recently, not too far from Pret A Manger and next door to The Sandwich Shop. Clearly they were catering to the busy office worker crowd...which was obvious not only with the location, but also by the sheer fact that they are only open M-F 11-3. Given my previously disappointing experiences with places like Honjin down the street though, I wasn't quite sure what to expect here. Nonetheless, I came by to check it out.

The menu was encouragingly simple at least. They only had four different kinds of ramen (all at the same fixed price of S$11, or US$6.90), with nothing else to offer but maybe some additional toppings (no butter, unfortunately) and maybe a can of coke or tea...that's all. Fortunately for me, tonkotsu ramen was one of the four selections available, so my choice was obvious. The bowl arrived with a nice little layer of oil floating on top of the broth too, so this was starting to look good.

And yes, the broth turned out to be appropriately rich, so much that I wolfed this down in seconds. The noodles were a bit on the soft side (nor was there any mentaiko on this guy), but that didn't matter as much to me as my priority is on the broth. Good enough for me...I'll be coming back. It is a very small place though; they could barely handle the lunchtime crowd today, and it was in the middle of a week when most people would be on vacation (and it was raining today too!), so I'll be sure to try to come in the off-peak hours instead.


ady said...

Yum! That looks really tasty and delicious.

Anonymous said...

No way, eatbma. I have been trusting your review since it worked consistently (Kyushu Jangara, Ippudou in Tokyo etc etc). But Men-Tei really bombed.. The experience was like asking a gay director to reproduce a sexy ad (ala Mad Men), the scenes are reproduced exactly but it would not be "hot" like a sexy ad should be. Mentei is like that, the eggs are done correctly, charsiew is good too, every just seem scientifically right on the surface, but it just didnt add up as a whole.

The soup is way too thin and not salty like a true blue Ramen should be. Green vege in Tonkotsu ramen is just wrong, criminally wrong. Nori is flimsy, and noodle .. Noodle is too smooth and doesnt has the correct texture of ramen. Putting lemon slice in their plain water is the last straw. I usually like to clean my palate after the meal with clear water and the plain water with lemon taste really adds a horrible end to the sad experience.

It was cheap tho. But thats not the point.