Friday, October 27, 2006

Room Service...But From A Boat

Tom Yum Soup

With that corporate offsite behind us now, we were freed from the clutches of that self-contained resort and immediately scrambled off to the other side of the island where we could get closer to street food (wow - those resorts really are like cruise ships: being held captive to the "wide variety of dining options" they have to offer on-site...and paying nice hefty prices too). So what the heck were we doing ordering room service again?

Pink Dot had better watch outWell, this was a bit of a unique situation. All of the rooms at this place had direct poolside access, so of course the first thing we did was jump right in. And because of this poolside access, they delivered all room service via boat. Yes, it was a total gimmick, but hey - it was admittedly a bit amusing that we had to try at least once.

How about the food then? While certainly still pale in comparison to what one could get on the street, the tom yum soup was bursting with loads of fresh chunky bits like shallots and chili peppers that I rather enjoyed it. The pad thai, while again not spectacular, was good enough for now. Hey - it was certainly better than having to eat all of that resort food over the past few days.


Anonymous said...

food served from a boat. nifty. which hotel did you say it was again?

bma said...

It was the Access Resort & Spa in Karon. It's got a strange name, quite a distance from the beach, and definitely not super plush. But it's affordable, new, and with very convenient poolside access from each room.