Tuesday, September 12, 2006

A Very Quick SQ Hop to KL

Orange Juice from SQIt's been a long time since I've flown SQ to KL, so my memory is a bit hazy, but I thought I remembered these guys providing at least a little snack or something on this short shuttle flight. I guess I was wrong. All we got today was a simple "coffee, tea, juice, or water." I picked the "juice" (no, they didn't specify what kind when they asked), which turned out to be this tiny little thing that went down in two gulps.

Not that anyone can really blame them...this flight was only 55 minutes, and literally just minutes after I got my drink, the captain announced that he was going to be starting his descent soon. I guess I just always associate SQ with its efforts to be a full service airline (as seen by them going so far as to provide a hot sandwich-like thing on a quick 1.5 hour flight to Penang) such that I was expecting at least peanuts and their signature hot towel, even on such a short flight. Too short, apparently! I wonder what the Raffles Class passengers got. I'm glad that I at least grabbed some instant Cup O' Noodles from the lounge (the spread looked pretty nasty tonight). And that just means more available stomach room to go hit Jalan Alor with.

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Anonymous said...

there's no business class on sin-kul vv. only economy and first.