Saturday, September 16, 2006

Nachos on SQ Executive Economy Class?

Lay's and Birch & Waite Eastern Sundried Tomato Dip

Someone was telling me the other day that SQ used to serve nachos as a snack (wow!) in their Executive Economy class on the non-stop A340 routes over to the States, but then they cancelled it and just gave peanuts instead. I wasn't sure what was right or not, but right after we took off today, the flight attendants started handing out bags of Lay's chips. More notably, these came with little cups of Birch & Waite "superior quality" Eastern Sundried Tomato Dip from Australia, which was a thick sour-cream-based dip that those paper thin Lay's chips could not stand up to.

They should have given us Ruffles or something..."Ruffles have ridges," right? (Tortilla chips might have worked too.) It wasn't nachos, but it sure beats a plain old bag of peanuts. Incidentally, they handed out bags of peanuts not long after too.

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