Saturday, September 16, 2006

The Crispy Carnitas at Old Town in San Diego

Old Town Famous Carnitas - Shredded Crispy for One

I remembered to order the crispy version of the shredded carnitas at the Old Town Mexican Cafe and Cantina in San Diego this time (2489 San Diego Avenue, 619-297-4330). Unfortunately, they still didn't seem as crispy as I remembered them (I think I prefer La Bamba up in Mountain View). Still, they were greasy and tasty, and you gotta love how scorchingly hot the chips and tortillas come out (even if the latter was surprisingly thick). And despite all the alleged awards this place has gotten, I've just gotta get out of this touristy area of San Diego. Well, this was close to the hotel, and it was more out of convenience after a long flight than anything. There's sure to be plenty of other food to come this week.

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