Friday, June 30, 2006

The Salt Lick at Austin Airport

The brisket and sausage platter

At long last, we made it to the much anticipated Salt Lick at the airport. I still like this place the better than Rudy's. The ladeled-on sauce was more agreeable, the sausages had more bite, and the brisket had a surprising amount of tasty fat in it. The beans were uneventful, but the celery seed infused coleslaw was still unique, if delicate. Well, all three places this week were good (and much better than anything in Singapore), but I still like this place the best.

Habanero-based hot sauces on sale at a shop in Austin airportOn a quick side note, it looks like there are some other interesting things worth exploring at the east end of the airport terminal next time, including a shop selling a bunch of habanero-based hot sauces, another BBQ place called Harlon's (the meat looked OK from a distance, but there was close to no line there, unlike the Salt Lick), and interestingly, another Salt Lick stand selling breakfast tacos and "Salt Lick Tacos."

Huh? What the heck is a Salt Lick Taco? Items on the posted menu included things like Baja Brisket Tacos ("chopped brisket with crisp cabbage and a creamy roasted poblano pepper sauce"), Green Chile Pulled Pork ("slow pulled pork shoulder, pulled fork tender and topped with green chile tomatillo sauce"), and Salt Lick Carne Guisada ("lean sirloin braised in onions, tomatoes and peppers with chipotle and dark chile power") for US$3.95 each, and all with a peculiar "special half corn - half flour tortilla". This all sounds like a bit of an identity crisis if you ask me (right down to the hybrid tortilla), but I suppose that if I get sick of their great traditional BBQ (or if I am short on time), I can try these tacos next time just to be sure.


Anonymous said...

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L Stegall said...

We are big Texas BBQ fans. You've got to get out of Austin next time and drive down to Lockhart (about 20 miles south of the airport - very easy to find). Try Kreutz's Market (just as you come into town - can't miss their big red building). The prime rib is too die for. Ribs and sausage also excellent. Be prepared - they don't use sauce cause they don't need it and they only have plastic knives. The sides selection is very limited. But it is an experience not to be missed.

Just me said...

I gotta tell you. I am forever in your debt.

I was on a short business trip to Austin and didn't have time to go to the Salt Lick. But I did scoff down not only the platter but also a sandwich at the airport after reading your blog.

The next time you're there - try the steak at Trulucks in downtown Austin. I had a 16oz ribeye which was done to perfection. Best steak I have ever had.