Wednesday, June 28, 2006

The Iron Works Barbecue, Austin

The Iron Works Sampler Plate

This place (100 Red River, 478-4855) is apparently quite well-known for its barbeque in these parts. It's a humble little shack by the creekside, where you order a plate at the counter and go seat yourself. I went ahead and grabbed the sampler, which included ribs, brisket, and sausage. The sausage seemed a bit dry, but the brisket was tender. The big standout for me though, was the ribs, as they had an extra layer of fat inside that really gave this bad boy some taste, even without sauce (these come naked on the plate, and the sauce is on the side in a squeeze bottle). The beans and potato salad made good sides, as did the raw onion and pickle and the Texan Lone Star beer to boot. The only letdown was the corn on the cob, which was quite mushy (is that the way it it supposed to be done in these parts?).

Would I consider this better than the Salt Lick? Probably not. I still liked the Salt Lick's sauces and sides better. But this place is definitely a worthwhile and down to earth place to check out too.


kimmjio said...

wow. i realli love your entries here.
very amazing.
im really hungry right now

JJC said...

The Iron Works is pretty doggone good. Good choice.