Monday, June 26, 2006

The New SATS Premier Lounge at Changi T1

The Spread at the New SATS Premier Lounge at Changi T1

Whoa. It looks like the folks at Changi Airport not only refurbished the SATS lounge in Terminal 2, but now also the one in Terminal 1. This new one is about 2-3 times larger than the old cramped one, and comes complete with a Playstation section as well as a row of OTO massage chairs. Nice work.

The spread here was physically much more spaced out than the one at Terminal 2, but the food wasn't anything great. The fish congee interestingly had the fish on the side for you to put in yourself (and it didn't taste the freshest either, thus making the fish congee much better without the fish itself). The dim sum baskets had some dumplings with a peculiarly red stuffing leering through the skin (I realized later that it was char siew inside...strange), and there were a lot of local dishes like noodles and sambal vegetables, the latter of which's odor was a bit of a turn-off for me.

Well, it's not like anyone actually comes to the airport lounge for the food. Still, I'm guessing that UA is going to be serving its usual omelette this morning, and I'm not quite in the mood for something so heavy. That being the case, I suppose that the congee (without the fish) I had was still a good move.

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