Friday, March 31, 2006

Marina South Curry Delights

Fishhead curry and some chicken curry on the side

This was a first for me. I'd had fishhead curry before, but this place in Marina South (Marina Mall #01-26) was different in that it was more of a Chinese-style curry rather than Indian. And I've gotta say that I prefer the Chinese version instead, as it's a cleaner taste without the huge amalgamation of spices used in the other versions that I've had.

This place does a pretty good job with some tofu, okra, and tomatoes surrounding the fishhead, plus a vegetable curry on the side packing some cabbage and string beans (gotta love the potatoes in the chicken curry too). If it sounds like I ate a lot of vegetables today, then it's true. I hardly touched the chicken, mutton, or fish, sticking to the veggies and rice surrounding them instead.

The one thing that I did venture into was the cheeks in the fish, which I also had for the first time today. At first, it just seemed like really tender fish. But when I grabbed some of the normal "body meat" for comparison, I realized that the cheeks were much more tender and fatty, and hence being much tastier. Nice - now I see what all the commotion is about.

Anyway, this was a nice break from eating those Indian-influenced fishhead curries all the time. This was good and spicy, although not so spicy that it was unmanageable. Someone told me that this is Gurmit Singh's (a local Singaporean celebrity) family's place or something, although I don't know if it's true or not. But it is pretty good - and darned crowded during the lunch hour (despite being waaaay out here in the middle of Marina South), I might add.

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