Tuesday, February 21, 2006

More From Pasta Brava

Ravioli Con Carne De Manzo Al Gorgonzola

I finally ventured off my usual lasagne routine at Pasta Brava (11 Craig Road, 6227-7550) today, opting for their homemade Ravioli Con Carne De Manzo Al Gorgonzola instead. The pasta was fresh and cooked to the right level of firmness, but I'm not quite accustomed to the taste of blue cheese on ravioli (I still prefer blue cheese cold on salads).

Torta Di Mele Al Mascarpone E Ricotta Con GelatoI also tried the apple pie, but I should have known better than to build up the thought of American apple pie in my head while we were in an Italian restaurant. This was, instead, a bit like a cross between a cheesecake and a fruitcake that happened to have some apple in it and a side of vanilla ice cream. I was a bit let down by this. I shoulda stuck to my lasagne.

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calico jam said...

When I am in need of dinner venue ideas, I check out your blog. Really enjoy it. I think Tian Tian Chicken rice rocks too. The chilli is awesome!