Thursday, February 02, 2006

Durian - the XO Variety

XO Durian

I'm not a huge fan of durian, but this is a local fruit that has quite a bit of a fanbase around here. Many a superlative have been used to describe this strange spiky fruit with its disturbing aroma. To me, it tastes like a smoky sweet rotting onion in a custardy texture. There are several varieties, going by names like D24 and XO, which have slightly different flavors and textures. I don't like this stuff enough to know the difference (I could barely even finish one pod's worth here on Balestier Road tonight), but I guess the XO (is it extra old?) version is supposed to be a bit bitter.

Several Varieties of DurianI'm not a huge fan either way. I may be able to eat it in a slightly sanitized and covered-up dessert like a chendol, but I won't be getting cravings for the fruit itself. I guess it's an acquired taste.


Anonymous said...

I'm a huge durian fan. Personally I prefer those that grew wild in the jungle or reserve parks, because they taste the best without added fertilizers or chemicals.

And you are right in saying it is an acquired taste! I have been eating it from young, and always find it amazing that there are locals who actually dislike the fruit.

Anonymous said...

oh and do you mind if I link you from my blog?

hermit said...

er, i think XO is a kind of liquor (?). but i'm not sure if the XO durians were named after XO though

Anonymous said...

The best durian in my humble opinion is the "Cat Mountain" variety, or called 666 durian. Yes, it's not exactly a nice number in western eyes but for the Chinese, it's 3 times lucky. :)

But if you don't like durian, maybe a better option would be the 727 type of durian puffs and cakes. It's pretty pleasant. You can try it sometime.


bma said...

Yes, XO is a grade of cognac (extra old), and I've noticed that some Chinese dishes try to boast about "XO sauce." I used to think that meant that they put cognac in the sauce, but a friend corrected me and told me that it was just a name used to imply prestige. Hence, I suspect that XO durian is also meant to be "prestigious."

Yes, please feel free to link up - thanks!

Anonymous said...

hey if i'm not mistaken XO is supposed to mean extraordinary!

Unknown said...

pls durian are good if u taste it properly if u take its a a samba durian then mights as well u dun eat it becuz it is a wild durian go eat mao san wang or d24 taste and u will understand the differnce