Thursday, January 19, 2006

Eng Kee Duck - naked this time

Roast Duck and Wu Xiang Roast Meat Rice - naked

After yesterday's experience with Eng Kee's sauce-covered duck, I came back to try it in a "naked" form to confirm my suspicions. Unfortunately, the duck today was still largely a bit boring (hmm...), except for maybe one or two pieces at the end that were nice and salty. Maybe I need to learn how to select the right pieces of duck from them.

But I did venture off and try the "five spice" roast meat, which was pretty good with a salty and crunchy crust. Well, if I come back, I'll still ask for the sauce on the side. But I think I still prefer duck (or should I say, goose) from Hong Kong.

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Anonymous said...

hey where do you think has the best duck in spore? been reading ur blog for quite sometime now, good stuff with a wide variety of food.. how do u not be fat with all those food?!?!?!