Monday, July 04, 2005

Nang Kee Restaurant, New Territories, HK


We travelled the distance for this place - all for roasted goose, a necessary food item in Hong Kong. This place, way out in the boonies, is supposed to be one of the best places in Hong Kong to get goose (in fact, the entire area is surrounded by goose restaurants). We started with some salted prawns, which tasted amazingly like potato chips due to the crispy greasy salty nature of the shells (combined with a few shreds of fresh chili peppers.) A great way to start the meal.


Next came the signature goose, which lived up to its name. Full of tasty fat underneath the skin, the goose went down very smoothly (although with a bit of guilt at eating all that dripping fat of course). We got in a discussion about the difference between ducks and geese (apparently geese have that knob on their bill, and have a juicier meat). I prefer duck instead, which is not completely dribbling in fat, and has a nice crispy skin. But the goose was still undoubtedly good. (At least the grease isn't as bad as that pork lard rice I was taken to in Kowloon City, where one scoops a dallop of coagulated pork lard on steaming hot rice to melt it, with soy sauce to taste.)


Finally, we went around the corner and down the street to Lucky Dessert, a place that apparently is quite famous in HK for its desserts and has long lines forming at its newer location in Causeway Bay. We avoided the signature durian pancakes (I don't dislike durian, but I won't proactively go eat it either), and opted instead of the similarly-well-known mango grapefruit dessert, which tasted just like it sounded. A separate coconut shaving and glutinous rice-wrapped mango was also quite good. Although I don't think I can eat Hong Kong food and fatty goose all the time, this is a good place to come to for a quintessential taste of HK.


dimsumdolly said...

i went to Chan Kee (just next door) for roast goose and also to Lucky Dessert. I stuffed my face with food that night. :)

Anonymous said...

mind posting the address of Nang Kee? how to get there?