Saturday, December 03, 2005

Via Mar, Esplanade

Clockwise from center: chorizos, sangria, and gazpacho soup

I haven't been here in a while, but I used to come here (Esplanade Mall #01-10/12, 6423-0900) a lot whenever I got Spain withdrawals. Being able to sit out in the open air is kinda relaxing on a sunny weekend too, especially with nice little plates of goodness in front of you, which is why I came back here today. That leads to the obligatory sangria and gazpacho soup, which isn't as good as I've had in Spain, but they do a decently good job here nonetheless. The chorizos fritos is always on my requisite list here too - they sit in a very tasty and savory oil (without being greasy) that's great for soaking up with bread.

Gambas al Ajillo

One of my favorites from Madrid was gambas al ajillo, or shrimp in garlic and oil. The shrimp that are used at Via Mar are much much bigger than the little ones in Madrid, but today they were also surprisingly fresh, and of course still tasty sitting in the oil and garlic (and little chili peppers too). I was impressed; I don't think my previous experiences with this dish at Via Mar were ever this good.

Tortilla a la EspanolaFinally, I finished off my afternoon snacks with a tortilla (this is of the Spanish egg variety, mind you, not the Mexican flatbread). This was a bit boring though as it was just a big flat potato omelette. I probably could have done without this. (Actually, I wanted to get the paella instead, but that would have been too much food...I still need try the paella here one of these days.)

Due to the dishes above (aside from the tortilla - I've had some other duds here too), I prefer Via Mar over that Ocho place at Chijmes. But I heard that place closed down (replaced?) anyway. Unfortunately the service at Via Mar can be a bit spotty sometimes, but I don't mind when it comes to that killer chorizo. Mmm...

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donaldck said...

the paella here is not bad...

but my spanish tutor says the best spanish food she can find is at Streeters (Keong Saik Road)