Monday, November 07, 2005

Taiwan's Ice Monster in Singapore

Mango with Milk Slush

Whoa. It looks like Ice Monster from Taipei has opened a shop in Singapore (180 Bencoolen Street #01-23, 6339-7362) - and it's been here for about a year now, according to the waiter. Wow...and to think that I went all the way to Yong Kang Street in Taipei to hit up Ice Monster, only to find that mango was out of season in Taipei (whereas they are still in season down here).

Was it the same though? Generally yes, they still had the mango in a sweet syrup with milk and sorbet. But they offer a small size here in Singapore, and the mango ice comes in a preselected dish with milk and sorbet provided by default. The store is only open until 10 PM, and it is not very crowded, which is interesting considering how warm it is in Singapore (compare it to the long lines at the Taipei location). What's more, it's located right next to Hong Kong-based Hui Lau Shan, which also has a competing mango-type dessert (but definitely is not as good). Anyway, this is one to bookmark for the future. I just wish they would stay open later in the evening.


Lik said...

Hi. I read your piece on ice monster in singapore and noticed that you mentioned hui lau shan next to the ice monster place. We have been tryin to locate the hui lau shan in singapore. How near is this dessert place to ice monster? I would appreciate it if you could respond. My email is Thanks.


bma said...

It was practically right next door...maybe two doors down. But it's been a while since I'd been over there, and they closed their Orchard location recently, so it's possible that the one on Bencoolen closed too. Can anyone confirm?

Anonymous said...

Hi,Hungryboy I think you make a mistake in taipei is call show ices is different from ice monster that u mention.If i was not wrong i saw Ice monster in Thailand near siam center.The show ices from Taiwan is at the new open shopping next to indoor studium Kallang Leisure Mall at the basement.

Andy Hun said...

To find the one that has a real connection to the Taiwan's famous Ice Monster, check out this cafe at 337 beach road. Theirs is probably the most authentic,-!/pages/Taipei-Yong-Kang-Cafe-Restaurant/121527484585871