Tuesday, October 25, 2005

Pani Puri at Bombay Woodlands

Pani Puri

On the heels of a great meal at Bombay Woodlands last night, we came back again, although this time armed with a referral for pani puri, a little chaat appetizer, which is apparently often sour and spicy.

Boy, were these things amazing! They were basically these little hollow and crispy ball-like pastries filled with onions and other raw veggies. Then fill in the hollow ball with this thin spicy cold broth, and a little tamarind, and throw the whole thing in your mouth before the broth leaks through the pastry. Awesome! It was kinda like an Indian version of Mexican chips and salsa, but rolled into a ball (the taste was very similar with spicy, sour, onions, and a greasy taste).

Wow - I've become a convert. This is truly amazing - I never thought that I would like South Indian food so much - and vegetarian, no less! (OK, I guess chaat technically started from the north though.) I'm told there is a place across the street from Mustafa on Syed Alwi Road called Raj that makes even bigger versions of this. I don't know how good it is, but I do intend to find out.


shakester said...

pani puris are called gol gappas in the north and puchkas in calutta....and they are awesome. havent tried them at this place but the few i've tried in Sing are not a patch on the original stuff. It is the most amazingly crazy weird tasty thing....:)

Cindy said...

Hey, do they sell chepatis? My friend and I always crave chepatis made fresh by our Pakistani friend, I think they're also Indian food so thought I'll ask.