Friday, October 21, 2005

Kalinka Malinka, Singapore

Pork Pelmeni Dumplings

This was a very pleasant surprise. Located in the oddly placed second floor of the former Blues Tavern bar, this place (143 Tanglin Road, #02-01, Tudor Court, 6738-8993) has undergone a complete facelift - the decor is so plush that it Blues Tavern is not even recognizable - and has now become a Russian restaurant, complete with a head chef from Moscow. I was a bit bummed when the two proprietors switched hands as I was never a huge fan of Russian food, but I still had to try. And boy, am I glad I did.

Beef ShashlikWe knew that we were off to a good start with the Pork Pelmeni dumplings, which were small enough to taste good and were cooked just right, sitting in an salty buttery broth (and better than some dumplings that I once had in Estonia). The Beef Shashlik was very tender - and definitely a far cry from the hilarious Hokkien Shashlik restaurant down the street.

Beef Stroganoff

The highlight of the meal had to have been the Beef Stroganoff though. It so rich and creamy that you just wanted to eat more (we're not talking about those cheap cardboard boxes of frozen Budget Gourmet here). This place was very impressive. It is a bit "nicer" (and hence more expensive) than I thought it would be though, so be prepared - don't exactly expect to come here for a casual (nor fast) meal.

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It was yammy, thanks!