Saturday, October 22, 2005

Espirito Santo Gourmet & Butchery

Espirito Santo

If you ever have a BBQ, try hitting up this place beforehand. They specialize (but are not limited to) Latin meats, which means that they've got some great sausages for throwing on a fire (much better than any pre-packaged First Choice stuff you'll find at a supermarket). One of my favorites is the Spicy Italian sausage, which is has a great kick with just the right amount of grease and salt. The Spicy Linguica is good too, if a bit excessively salty and fatty. (Be careful when grilling the sausages with tongs: the casings are super thin and rupture easily.) If you get the ribs, get the Argentinian rub/marinade - you won't even really need BBQ sauce after that (but talk to the butcher about what your needs are - I accidentally ordered a set of ribs today that ended up being a bit too thick for my taste).

They also sell preset meals, including pastas and kebabs. Anyway, these guys are at 376 River Valley Road (6256-5070).

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