Friday, July 01, 2005

The Fish Market, Palo Alto, CA

Fish Market

This place rocks. I think this is one of the places (aside from Crab Cooker in Newport Beach) that got me hooked on American seafood. The menu here is so exhaustive that I want to order everything on it, but lately I've been settling on the skewered shrimp and bacon (mmm - what a great combination). Add to this potatoes au gratin, cole slaw, New England clam chowder, fresh lemonade, and sourdough bread and butter. Wow. I'm salivating already just writing this. Too bad they weren't stocking artichoke today though (one thing I definitely can't get in Singapore).

This place has expanded beyond the original Palo Alto location and has become what could admittedly be called a chain restaurant (and I know people that hate this place). But this place has always had a soft spot in my heart.

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