Tuesday, August 08, 2017

Taiwan's Cheers Cut at Shaw Lido in Singapore

Ninja Crispy Chicken

Chizha, a fried chicken franchise from Taiwan, now has an outlet at the Shaw Lido basement food court (1 Scotts Road #B1-01). It's your typical dajipai shop, but their cuts are particularly huge, with them being seemingly more than ten inches long.

To my surprise, they wanted to cut it up and drizzle your choice of sauce on it, including nacho cheese (eek!). Well, thankfully I convinced them to keep my sauce on the side (my "Sichuan" sauce was sweet and tasted of black pepper), and instead I kept trying to sprinkle that red chili powder on it for a more traditional take. It still wasn't spicy enough though, and the chicken (neither the meat nor the batter) wasn't that great either.

Now, I can't really make a comparison to Hot Star Large Fried Chicken. But I guess the bar for fried chicken has been set so high for me by Rang Mang Shokudo that it's hard for a lot of places to make a good impression on me anymore. Sigh, I've become a fried chicken snob.

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