Monday, July 24, 2017

Brass Spoon and Pho Bar in Hong Kong

Premium Raw Beef Noodles

Hong Kong doesn't exactly sound like a place to get Vietnamese phở. But the SCMP did a story about a few upscale places that have popped up, so I went over to Central for a shootout after work tonight. Brass Spoon (10 Pottinger Street, 2804-1811) was unique in that the broth was slightly earthy, but more importantly, the premium meat was deliciously tender and tasty, making me very happy with it, even if I didn't like the noodles.

Beef Noodle

Too bad I didn't like the next place, Pho Bar, though (24 Li Yuen Street West, 2109-2028). The broth here was way too dark for my liking. And while there was certainly a variety of cuts of meat (not to mention skinny noodles), the bowl just didn't come together...not as phở, anyway. It tasted more like a Chinese or Thai beef noodle instead. I'll stick to Brass Spoon, but just need to remember that they close early at 7 PM.

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