Tuesday, October 11, 2016

Kin Cow Thai Beef Noodles at Chinatown Point, Singapore

Beef Noodle

I finally made it over to Kin Cow (133 New Bridge Road #02-34, 6435-5013), an offshoot of a beef noodle chain from Thailand where it runs under a different name. Yeah, I liked it. The broth had depth and was slightly peppery, even if also seemingly spiked with MSG. It thus reminded me more of boat noodles than Thaksin Beef Noodle. I'll be happy to eat here again, perhaps opting for the pricier ribeye in a dry version instead.

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bma said...

So I went back to get the ribeye yesterday. It was indeed fattier and thus the better choice of meat. But the dry version was disappointing as it still sat in a bit of soup, and I didn't really care that much for the skinny rice noodles nor the watered down ice tea. I'll give this place one more try but in the meantime my opinion of this place has made a big turn for the worse.