Friday, February 05, 2016

Beer Thai House at Golden Mile Complex, Singapore

Thai Boat Noodle

I wasn't in the mood to spend much money on dinner tonight. So after getting back into Singapore, I hopped on over to the Golden Mile Complex (5001 Beach Road) to check out some place on the second floor selling Thai boat noodles. It turned out to be right next to the Thai/Vietnamese market, selling bowls for S$5 (US$3.50).

Bean sprouts, basil, and sawtooth herb

Yes, I liked it, particularly because there was a table on the side featuring fresh sawtooth herb, basil, and bean sprouts for you to adorn your bowl with. There was also a much wider variety of things in that bowl than the Sim Lim guy. But if one isn't into all of that stuff, then I suppose that the Sim Lim guy is still easier since he pre-seasons it all for you.

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