Monday, May 15, 2017

The Flying Pig in Vancouver, British Columbia

West Coast Salmon Sampler and Brussel Sprouts

I noticed these guys the other night, so we popped down to their Yaletown location (1168 Hamilton Street, 604-568-1344) for an easy lunch today. Despite the name, there wasn't actually that much pork on the menu, but rather just local Canadian ingredients. So we got their West Coast Salmon Sampler, which had a nice mix of smoked salmon, candied salmon, and salmon cakes, as well as a side of Brussels sprouts, which were delightfully crispy with capers, parmesan, and a squeeze of lemon. I particularly enjoyed the latter.

Still, I wanted to try some pork while I was there, so I got a Caesar salad because it featured "pork belly croutons." Yep, basically, there were a few thick cubes of roasted fatty pork belly in there. Perhaps even more exciting for me was their signature bacon bourbon Caesar cocktail, which is basically a Canadian version of a Bloody Mary featuring clam juice and - get this - bacon fat-strained bourbon. That gave it a delightfully smoky spin that simply made me very happy. Thumbs up.

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