Saturday, September 06, 2008

A Canadian Drink Roundup

Clamato and Fruitopia in Canada

Finally it's time for a local drink update. Clamato might not necessarily strike one as being anything too unique given its availability in the US. But for some reason, Clamato is a huge thing in Canada - specifically to make a Caesar, or a Bloody Mary but using Clamato instead. I learned the hard way though that Ontario law prohibits the serving of alcohol before 11 AM, so this Caesar had to be virgin. Well, I like Clamato, so I still enjoyed it.

True Blue and VH2OFruitopia, on the other hand, was an interesting one as that brand had died in the US a while ago, and yet it was still very commonly available north of the border. There was nothing too spectacular about the two drinks on the right - they were both fairly light and fruity.

Rickard'sAnd of course we can't forget the beer. There were of course Molson's Canadian as well as Rickard's here in the photo. They were mass-produced, but I didn't mind them that much. I do regret not having spent a bit more time exploring many of the local breweries around here though. There were also a lot of vineyards around, but I'm not much of a wine person. And I wasn't a big fan of all of the ice wines that were commonly served at the end of our dinners this week; they were just way too sweet for me.

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Stephen said...

Damn you missed out on the Steam Whistle brewery tour. I went on it a couple months ago with a bachelor party, could easily find yourself downing a few beers on the tour itself....then another one once you finish.