Saturday, May 06, 2017

A Cooked Brown Crab from Sofrimar in Ireland

A Cooked Brown Crab from Sofrimar in Ireland

I was walking by the seafood section at Cold Storage the other day when I noticed these brown crabs in the case, wrapped up in a vacuum-sealed bag from an Irish supplier. Even if it was previously frozen, I was curious enough to try it out, especially since it was only S$12.90 (US$9.20).

It was better than I thought it would be. The meat was sweeter (and shell was thinner) than the big Sri Lankan mud crabs that one commonly gets around here, even if it still wasn't quite Dungeness from back home. More importantly, peeling back the carapace unveiled a delightful amount of brown and red back fat inside.

Yes, for just S$12.90, I'd be happy to get it again. But I'd also have to feel ambitious enough to sit there long enough to work through all of those nooks and crannies of the shell. As with most crab, there really isn't much edible meat to get to despite all of the manual effort.

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