Thursday, April 13, 2017

The New Noryangjin Fish Market in Seoul, Korea


Our last meeting today wasn't too far from Noryangjin. And the market has moved to a brand new building next door, so we came over to check it out. The new one is more brightly lit, and the fishmongers were still pretty aggressively touting. Anyway, the local team picked out some stuff and sent it upstairs to one of the restaurants, including a bag of sea urchin, especially since we failed to get some the other night.

Fish Stew

It's too bad then that the sea urchin were totally off, presumably since we're not in season yet. And I was a bit bummed with the other things that we had too, including that stew above (not as spicy as it looked) and the sashimi platters whose cuts of fish were tough and rather boring. One interesting thing at least was a vendor who deep fried a bunch of stuff including shrimp heads and even a few sawagani) and brought it to your table on Styrofoam plates. But maybe I should've gone downstairs to buy some clams.

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