Wednesday, March 01, 2017

Albert Adrià's Bodega 1900 in Barcelona, Spain

La Aceituna

I never made it to elBulli before they had closed. So I was eager to try some of Albert Adrià's stuff in town, like perhaps Tickets. Yet I didn't have a reservation, and had no luck walking in either. Fortunately, he has this vermouth bar just across the street (91 Carrer de Tamarit, +34-933-252-659), and there was plenty of seating available. Yay!

Erizos al natural

I ordered those delicately creamy Galician sea urchin above as well as some Josper-grilled leeks, but otherwise put the rest of the dishes in their hands, to which they just kept bringing me food, including elBulli's famous spherical olive at the top. Other highlights included some white shrimp, razor clams, bacalao, and two different molletes.

Garbanzo con pulpo y pies de cerdo

My favorite of the bunch had to be the artichoke confit: a single bite of smooth richness topped with fish eggs. That, and the chickpeas with octopus and pig's trotters above. Oh, and maybe the blini-like mollete, the filling of which I don't recall but was delicious. And the cured Rubia Gallega beef slices. Oh, screw it, I pretty much loved everything, including the vermouth. Awesome.

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