Saturday, March 04, 2017

Mercat Central de València in Spain

Mercat Central

Whoa, this place is huuuuuge! (Plaça de la Ciutat de Bruges, +34-963-829-100) It's much bigger than La Boqueria in Barcelona. And as you can imagine, they were selling everything here, be it fruit, vegetables, meat (both of the fresh and cured variety), conservas, or spices. There was an on-site tapas place too.


The veggie stands had calçots at this time of year. What was also interesting was the guy selling live snails in buckets. Many of them were climbing out, which at first made me think that that he had better act quickly to keep them in. But wait, they're snails!


What got me the most excited though was the seafood section, and even in there, merchants were specialized in certain things. The shellfish guys had lot of beautifully red shrimp, scampi, and lobsters (and sea urchin and percebes!). Others sold fish, while a couple of them slaughtered live eels.

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