Tuesday, March 14, 2017

Jimoto Ya at Nankin Row, China Square Central

Ebi Shio Ramen

I must have walked back and forth in front of this place at least four or five times before I finally realized where the door was (3 Pickering Street #01-44, 6223-3397). Anyway, the ramen here is from a Michelin-starred kaiseki chef from Hokkaido. To be clear, it's not a Michelin-starred ramen shop, but rather the ramen was created by a chef who got a Michelin star for something else.

Anyway, I wasn't here for the Michelin. I was here because they do ebi shio ramen. Yep, you heard that right: ebi ramen, which I hoped would be like the wonderful creation that Keisuke created many years ago and then so ruthlessly took away from us just half a year later. Well, the good thing is that this bowl certainly carried a fragrant shellfish aroma when it came out, eliciting a nice smile from me.

But it still wasn't quite the same thing, as it was blended into a tonkotsu, thus not being the crisp consomme that Keisuke's beautiful masterpiece was. Having said that though, it was nonetheless pretty good, especially the ajitama, which was done perfectly in terms of texture and flavor. So even if the broth still wasn't the elusive thing that I've been looking for, I'm still going to come back here, especially to try the fried rice.

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