Saturday, January 21, 2017

Applause (or One Night Only?) on River Valley Road, Singapore

Blackened Catfish

I'm not sure if I got the name of this place correct. The big neon sign outside says Applause, but the receipt says One Night Only, which is also painted on the side of the building. Well, either name suggested that this might be a stand-up comedy club or live music bar. Instead, it's an American diner that now sits on the location formerly occupied by Tony's Pizza (397 River Valley Road, 6236-1248).

To be specific, it focused on Southern food (think: fried chicken, chicken fried steak, and étouffée). I went for the blackened catfish above, and was a bit disturbed by the small puddle of water sitting underneath it on the plate. I didn't care for the overly soft cornbread either, even though the creamed corn was fine. Well, even if it were better, I doubt that I'd come back given how high the prices are.


dktoday said...

Hi! Any idea where I can watch the NFL Playoffs in Singapore tomorrow morning?

bma said...

Dan Ryan's and a few others usually do the Super Bowl but I dunno about the Playoffs. Try NFL Game Pass or ASN on cable at home?

M. said...

the water probably came from the fish, which is the cheap dory fish that is waterlogged :X