Thursday, December 15, 2016

Hokkaido's Menya Miyabi in Penang, Malaysia

Yaki Miso Ramen

No, I wasn't hunting for ramen. I just happened to be walking through Queensbay Mall in Penang when I saw this shop. I nearly dismissed it before realizing that these guys have three shops in Hokkaido plus two overseas shops in Malaysia, both here (100 Persiaran Bayan Indah #1F-152, +60-4-645-3811) and at Sunway Pyramid in Kuala Lumpur.

The thing on the menu that caught my eye was the yaki miso ramen. Yaki miso? Yep, it seems like they fried the miso first before making the broth. It gave it both a slightly grittier yet smooth feel, but unfortunately it didn't really do much to the taste. Darn, I was hoping that it might be like Kusabi.

Anyway, the rest of the bowl was fine, including the noodles, egg, and strength of the broth, the latter of which they proudly boasted of not watering down for local palates so as to stay close to their roots. But there was nothing so memorable about this bowl that would make me want to come back for it either.

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