Sunday, November 06, 2016

Menmaru Japanese Udon & Ramen in Singapore

Miso Ramen

The line for Tsuta's grand opening this morning was ridiculous, so we went downstairs and had ramen the Food Republic food court in the basement of Shaw House (350 Orchard Road). Actually, these guys position themselves as more of an udon shop like Tamoya. But when I read the sign, it said that this shop from Japan has a history of making its own ramen instead.

I thus opted for the miso ramen above, and was surprised to find that it featured firmly cooked skinny noodles, kinda like the egg noodles at Mak's that I like so much. The salty miso broth was deeper than I thought it would be too. Having said that though, I'm not getting it again. Even if I liked the noodles, I'd rather just go to Sanpoutei next door.

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