Sunday, July 05, 2015

Mak's Noodle Has Opened in Singapore

Tossed Noodle with Shrimp Roe and Wonton Noodle Soup

Mak's Noodle has opened at The Centrepoint (176 Orchard Road #01-64), and ironically it sat right across from where the Noodle Place used to be. Interestingly, the menu said that they aimed to get close to 95% of the taste that one gets in Hong Kong. I'd argue that it was more like 80%, but still, it was good enough.

What was the main thing that made it work? The noodles. bite and I knew it was those deliciously firm, eggy, and skinny noodles that made me love their food in Hong Kong. They got the broth and the chives right too, and even brought the tiny little portions with them (i.e., I made sure to order more than just one bowl).

But the thing that didn't get me to 100% was the shrimp inside the wonton. It wasn't as aromatically fragrant and firm as the ones that I remember from Hong Kong. Maybe I caught them on an off-day, or maybe my expectations were just overblown in my head. I'd still happily come back here either way.

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