Friday, October 28, 2016

Piao Ji Fish Porridge at Amoy Street Food Centre

Pomfret Fish Soup

There are two fish noodle soup stalls on the second floor of Amoy Street Food Centre that always have huge lines. I knew that I'd been to at least one them, Han Kee, many years ago, but I wasn't sure about the other. So I decided to give Piao Ji a try today (7 Maxwell Road #02-100), especially since I got here at a relatively early 11 AM, hoping that the lines wouldn't be too long yet.

Except that there was a line, and it turned out to be a whopping 30 minute wait. Still, I can see why people are willing to wait: the pomfret version is amazingly fresh, firm, and delicate, if expensive at S$12 (US$8.60) for the smallest bowl. There are couple other nice things too, including bits of crackling in there, as well as that sour Teochew ginger and chili sauce mixture.

But the broth was a bore, unlike my favorite stall Hock Heng at Zion Road. Ultimately, it wasn't worth the 30 minute wait, even if the fish really was of very high quality. Come to think of it, there have to be other fish soup stalls around here using pomfret, aren't there?

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