Thursday, July 14, 2016

MoVida Next Door in Melbourne, Australia


It seems like there are tons of good restaurants in Melbourne. And yet, I'm only in town for one night, so I have to choose one. Somehow I landed on MoVida, a Spanish place that had an outlet in Sydney not long ago, but unfortunately closed down recently. So here I am at the original location in Melbourne...or at least, the spillover extension next door (164 Flinders Street, 9663-3038) for those of us that couldn't get into the main restaurant. Fortunately, it didn't take too long for me to pull up to the bar as a solo diner.

Interestingly, I didn't order anything from the menu, despite the presence of things like conservas. Instead, I went for the specials written in chalk, that that clam above, as well as other set of clams, and yet more shellfish like prawns and scallops with sea urchin. Oh, and some skinny garfish, all of which fared fine, even if the prawns were much larger than I was expecting. OK, there was one item of the menu that I ordered: churros. Yeah, this place was good, but I wish I had more time to try all of the other places around.

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Mel Brandle said...

Sometimes a change is better instead of the regular menus that we often eat whenever we are outside. My staff at a nearby self storage would also experiment on new eateries during their lunch breaks or we would all go together as a group if the place is really worth spending on.