Thursday, July 07, 2016

Japanese Fried Chicken TORITAKE in Singapore

I was walking down the street today when I noticed something different about Sake Bar Takeda Shoten. There was a different sign and there were flowers in front. Did Keisuke close his bar already?

Not quite. It's actually still the same bar, but now at lunch time he uses the name TORITAKE, serving just one thing: this karaage set. At a first glance, it reminded me a bit of his Gyoza King menu a few doors down: slightly greasy food with generous portions of pickles, rice, and soup at a cheap price, perhaps even being cooked by the kitchen over there. Instead, it was cooked on-site, and also had the added benefit of a few sauces to go with the chicken, including an interesting chili sauce that seemed to be spiked with a touch of alcohol, if I tasted it correctly.

Anyway, it did the job, and was impressively tender. But just as with Gyoza King, I didn't feel that great about it afterwards, as it was pretty greasy and carb-heavy in the end (this stuff would have been a lot better had I gotten a beer to go with it). But it was cheap, and at least they take credit cards over here.

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